Sonoma County* rents are down 0.3% over last year and 2.1% since the start of the pandemic in March.  A new report by the rental market analysis site Apartment List looks at this and other factors impacting the rental market in large and small markets across the country.

Nationally, the rental market has seen extreme regional variation.

While our national rent index is down by a modest 1.5% year-over-year, many markets are experiencing greater volatility. Big cities like San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, and New York City continue to see rent prices fall rapidly, while many smaller markets and suburbs are getting more expensive.

Even with a rent decline of 27%, since the start of the pandemic, San Francisco is still California’s priciest city with two-bedroom apartments going for $2,305.

Sonoma County, although more affordable than San Francisco, is significantly more expensive than the national average. The median rent in Santa Rosa is $1,898 for a two-bedroom while the national average is $1,090.

Curious to see what $1,898 will rent you in Sonoma County? Click through our gallery above.

*Sonoma County rents are calculated for Santa Rosa, our largest city, with the most listings per capita.