According to a recent report by  Compass real estate, Sonoma County finished the year with a median home price of $700,000, a steep climb from 2016 when the average home cost $580,000.

The median home price received a boost from an uptick in sales of luxury homes priced over $1,000,000 combined with a historically low-interest rate. But the analysts at Compass urge caution, according to the report, the median  is a “general statistic that often disguises a wide range of prices in the underlying individual sales.” For example, the median home price in the Russian River area last year was $515,000 while the average was $1,222,500 in Bodega Bay.

Although Sonoma County has its share of high-end properties that are out of the question for many homebuyers, there are still a number of homes available at the lower end of the market.

Click through our gallery above to explore some of the listings under $500,000.