According to a recent report by the website AdvisorSmith  Santa Rosa is the third least affordable mid-size city in the nation for retirees. But, it’s not just Santa Rosa that’s expensive, Ukiah and Napa also ranked high on the list of small cities.

The study used Census data to find metropolitan statistical areas with average or high populations of retirement-aged residents (16.4% and up of the overall population). They then cross-referenced this data with their own cost of living index, “which provides information about the cost of necessities such as housing, transportation, food, and other living costs,” to create a ranked list.

For prospective home buyers, this is data may not come as a surprise.

Sonoma County’s median home price is currently $715,000, a number inflated by an uptick in luxury home sales in recent months. For retirees on a fixed income, finding “affordable housing” is a long-running issue.

The good news, if there is any, is that some communities in Sonoma County still have “affordable” housing options for seniors.

Click through our gallery above to explore some of the homes priced under the county median for those age 55 and up.