Last week, we got a fairly good look at some of the single-story houses that would be good for new homebuyers and retirees alike. That being said, there’s absolutely nothing to say that new homebuyers – or retirees – wouldn’t want a 2-story house. In fact, one of the benefits of a two-story house can be things like more interior square footage, the ability to parse out living areas, and not worrying about guests inadvertently stumbling into a bedroom when looking for the bathroom.

One of the biggest differences I noticed between the searches was availability. There were a plethora of one-story homes available under $700,000, but it was a stretch to find 6 two-story homes. Of course, we’re in a time where real estate prices are on the rise again, and the availability of affordable houses is scarce. If the search terms are raised to $900,000, the number of available houses jumps significantly.

But what we’re going for here is what can be found for a relatively median price to get buyers into their first home, so let’s see what kind of median-priced 2-story homes buyers can expect to look at this week in Sonoma County.

Click through our gallery above to preview these 2-story houses