With prices for basics such as gasoline and groceries going up, homebuyers want to find not just a house that they can afford, but one that won’t cost them more than they expect in the long term. This means utilities such as power and natural gas that have gone up in price are adding to the overall cost of a house when things like property taxes, maintenance, and utilities are figured into how much the buyer will pay monthly.

Some homeowners, especially in California, have decided they’ve had enough of paying what they had seen as exorbitant prices on their utilities and have chosen to take their home off the grid completely. In sunny Sonoma County, solar energy seems like a logical choice. Unfortunately, the initial price of solar panels and installation can be prohibitively expensive, and waiting to see  how the Public Utilities Commission is handling making solar more affordable can be frustrating.

Fortunately, many of the houses currently up for sale already have solar installed, saving the homebuyer the headache and cost of initiating the process. The homes on this list have either solar that’s paid-in-full, or an already existing lease that’s still a money saver. 

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