As the weather heats up, central cooling may be a feature on the minds of house hunters.

Besides giving relief from the heat, there are other benefits of central cooling:

Cleaner Air 

  • As the warm air from each room is sucked into the return vents, it’s pushed through a filter.
  • Airborne particles such as lint, dust, pollen, and bacteria get trapped in the filter’s fibers.
  • This filtered air is then cooled and released back into your home or office.
  • Since most of the contaminants have been removed, you will breathe cooler and cleaner air.


Quiet Operation

  • With a central air conditioner, the compressor unit is located outside.
  • This design makes central cooling systems much quieter than other types of air conditioners, like window AC units and portable AC units.


Reduces Humidity

  • Central cooling systems take the existing air that’s inside the building and condition it so that it’s cooler.
  • Because of this process, water vapor is also absorbed and removed from the rooms.
  • This result is lower relative humidity, which makes your home or office feel less muggy and reduces the chance of mold growth.


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