According to the most recent numbers, May saw an 8.3% increase in the amount paid for homes, based on all homes sold in Sonoma County in the last 12 months. This means the median selling price for homes was $1,077,500, or $631 per square foot. This is an +$82,500 rise in prices since May 2021.

The highest increase in sold prices was for one-bedroom houses, which saw a 107.9% overall increase. In May 2021, the sale price of one-bedroom homes was $350,000, while in May 2022 it was $727,700.

The number that had the biggest drop, by month, was the number of homes sold. In April 2022, 12 houses were sold, while in May 2022, only five houses were  sold. Whatever the underlying data for this slowdown, it’s currently still a seller’s market in Sonoma County.

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