Recent studies about housing issues have found that the absence of affordable “starter homes” is one of the reasons for the current housing shortage.

The reason the no-frills, entry-level houses aren’t being built isn’t that they aren’t wanted, it’s that changes in the building process often make it difficult for the builders: the cost of land has risen, construction materials and fees have become more expensive, and the communities where new houses are built tend to be more prescriptive about what housing should look like. Nearly all neighborhood communities tend to make it difficult to build the kind of home that new homebuyers looking to build equity would be able to afford.

While brand-new starter homes aren’t being built as they once were, there are still homes listed now that are described as “starter homes” by the listing agent. While older, and in need of some sweat-equity to get them in shape, these below-median houses may be what a new homebuyer is looking for.

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