When homebuyers begin the search for a new home, they generally have a budget in mind. House prices will fluctuate with the market, but there will always be houses that are extremely expensive compared to others in the same town. Here are three reasons these homes command a higher price:

Upgrades: Homeowners tend to upgrade their houses to add to comfort and improve the aesthetics. A house with a kitchen that’s been upgraded to all professional appliances, marble counters, and custom cabinets will have added value that’s higher than a kitchen that’s never been improved since the house was first built.

Location: This refers to how close a home is located to desired amenities, such as highly rated schools, employment opportunities, and areas for shopping, entertainment, or recreation.

Home size and usable space: Besides having enough interior square footage to house the family comfortably, the lot size and ability to use the land is important, especially for homebuyers who grow grapes, farm, train animals, or take part in outdoor activities like hiking or horseback riding.

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