Median Rental in Santa Rosa For 2 Bedrooms is $2,140 – Here’s What You Get

The housing prices have frustrated many enough that they need to look for a 2 bedroom apartment for a family. Here’s 7 at the current median rental price.

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Ready For a Ride? Rentals Close To Planned SMART Train Stations in Sonoma County

When finding a new place to rent in Sonoma County, it may be wise to note where SMART train stations will be. Riding instead of driving can be a stress reliever, and renting can be a money saver.

By | September 16th, 2016|24 Comments

Only 26% of Sonoma County residents can afford median home price

The median price of a home in Sonoma County is skewed by what’s happening in San Francisco. Here are homes in a realistic price range of income levels in the North Bay.

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What You Can Rent For Under $1,500 In Sonoma County

Apartments, condo’s, and homes that are renting for $1500/month or less in Sonoma County.

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What You Can Rent For Under $2500 In Sonoma County

While a starter home may be out of range for many, there are still plenty of nice rentals for $2500 or less still on the market in Sonoma County.

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Luxury and Minimalism Meet in This Contemporary Sonoma Home

This minimalist gem in Sonoma blends clean lines with a wine country garden. It’s a mix of luxury and

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5 Homes Under $580K – Sonoma County’s New Median Home Price

The median price for housing in Sonoma County rose to $580k. Here are five homes in the newest price range.

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6 Great Homes You Can Rent For $2,500 or Less in Sonoma County

Rents are rising for apartments all over Sonoma County. It may be time to ditch the apartment and rent a home instead, as the prices are about the same in some areas.

By | May 20th, 2016|41 Comments

Take a Stroll in Santa Rosa: The 3 Most Walkable Neighborhoods

When buying a home, double paned windows are nice, but the walkability of a neighborhood can make all the difference. Here are the three top walkable neighborhoods in Santa Rosa.

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Worried About The Market? Here’s 5 Wonderful Homes Under 500k in Sonoma County

3 bedrooms, 2 bath in Monte Rio on the market for $495,000.   The real estate market is hot in Sonoma County right now, with median home prices at the highest level they’ve been in the past nine years. This has begun to worry first time homebuyers, who [...]

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