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Worried About The Market? Here’s 5 Wonderful Homes Under 500k in Sonoma County

  The real estate market is hot in Sonoma County right now, with median home prices at the highest level they’ve been in the past nine years. This has begun to worry first time homebuyers, who feel like the dream of home ownership is going to stay a dream for much longer than they originally planned. But summer is peak house hunting season, and the days are getting longer, the nights warmer, the lavender is blooming, and dreams seem much… Read More »

$6M for Spectacular Glass House off Highway 1

Have you ever heard of Stewart’s Point, California?  Neither had we, until we came upon this unique and modern 4,905 square-foot home on Highway 1 near Gualala.  This home is located on a whopping 218 acres of forest on the Sonoma Coast and has been featured in numerous interior and architectural books and magazines. The house is composed of three pavilions connected by a floating metal roof and multiple decks. The rustic wood of the decks and the outdoor fireplace warm up… Read More »

What $400K in Sonoma County will get you

It is no secret that finding a home in Sonoma County with a $400,000 maximum budget is not easy.  In fact, in the town of Sonoma it is not even possible at the moment.  Healdsburg has one home in our price range but the details about it were unclear (the listing photos show two different kitchens!) so it did not make our list.  Cloverdale has a handful of homes, but they were either contingent, age-restricted for seniors only or had murky… Read More »

What can you buy in Sonoma County for $550,000?

When people say that they are moving to Sonoma, they can mean a variety of things…Are they looking to buy a “Wine Country” cottage in the town of Sonoma or are they shopping for an affordable suburban North Bay home? Our criteria was the latter, to find the most appealing home in our budget with a garage and without HOA’s or additional fees.  The budget today is $550,000 because it is currently the median home price in Sonoma County. Here’s… Read More »